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Allion outfit switch! copy by MangaIzMaiLife
Allion outfit switch! copy
I tried to get her to put on the shoes....she totally refused. Lol  So she is hiding out in her room

Outfit swap with <da:thumb id="456557249">
Allion and an old flame by MangaIzMaiLife
Allion and an old flame
Allion and an old love find each other on Halloween, when the spirit world and the world of the living meet for one night.
Okay, So I'm looking for Male Voice actors to help me weekly with my story reading. Most of my Friday stories are going to be original pieces written by me. Just to make it easier all around. ^_^ (Unless someone asks for a certain story)

If you know any body who would be interested have them contact me via note on Deviant art or Gmail (  Thank you!!
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(Contains: ideologically sensitive material)
       My alarm clock beeps loudly yanking me from my  peaceful slumber. I groan and turn towards it, slamming my hand on it. I flip over and stretch my tired limps out. I pull myself out of bed and grab two apples.  I peek my head out my window and look to the bottom of the tree which I live in. "Nala! Are you ready?"

  A large reptilian head pops out from under the house. Her blue scales shine in the morning sun. She barks loudly, voicing her excitement. I laugh. She leaps from her small room and runs around the yard.

 I pull my self back into my house and change into my work clothes.  All white clothes. Seems odd for a medic. Oh well. I take hold of my long white coat and top hat. I grab the apples again, "Can't forget these!"  I push the door open and step onto the wooden porch. I see Nala still running in the yard. "Nala! Get ready!" I shout.   She barks again and runs into her work stall. I laugh, dinosaurs are the silliest creatures.

  I push the apples into one of the many pockets on me. Then I feel for the long rope that leads to the ground from my tree house. It's rough strings tickle my hand. I grab on and slide down the rope. Instead of feeling ground under my feet, I feel Nala's saddle. "Excited, I see." She makes a clicking sound in the back of her throat. I laugh and feel for the apple in my pocket. I throw it into the air. Nala jumps for it, making me fall onto my rear.

  I wriggle into my seat, and take hold of the reigns. I look at the dials and levers on the control panel infront of me. First I clock in, then I press the buttons to identify myself. I take a bite of my apple as a thin sheet of paper is printed out. A code one, shouldn't be too hard to get to and taken care of. I click my tongue and flip the reigns.

 And we're off.  Nala shoots into the valley, the ground below us flies by in a breakneck speed. We pass by a herd of brontosaurus their necks reaching high into the trees. I duck as a long tail comes flipping casually my way. "'ey! Watch it!" I yell shaking my fist. I roll my eyes and focus on the ground in front of me. We turn just as another piece of paper is printed out of my control panel. I pull Nala to a screeching halt.

 I glance at the paper. A code 9! I'm the closest to her. I turn Nala around and we run. Soon we come to a small home, it's roof ablaze. I direct Nala to lay down, then I slide down her side. I lift the gurney from her saddle.  The fire fighters carry out a young woman. Her face is coated in soot and she is burnt. I set up the gurney and the fire fighters set her on it. I clip her to Nala's pulley system after setting an air mask to the woman's face. I carefully pull the woman up and secure her to Nala's saddle. I scramble up the side.

After I make sure there was no one else in the home, I slap the reigns and yell at Nala. "The Hospital, Nala! Hurry!!" She barks loudly and runs. I lock my anchor line to my belt and turn towards the girl. She is now lying on my mini-medic bay. I press at the buttons around her and a holo map lifts over her. It shows me all that is and has physically impaired her. Currently, respiratory system and much of her body is burnt. It appears most of her clothing is burnt to her skin. I tap at a few buttons and a light sprayer flips from the mini-medic bay. Its starts to spritz a light bit of water to cool her skin down.  I contact Head Quarters and let them know what is needed to get her well. I start to check her vitals. That's when she moves.  She carefully pulls the mask from her face.

  "It's useless, medic." She sobbed out.  The anesthesia I sent into her system must be working.

"No it's not. Now you need to stop talking and rest mam." I say as I type on the keys in front of me.

  "I'm going to die." She whispers, "I'd rather die here then when they say."

  "Are you in danger mam?"  She coughs loudly, taking a deep breath from her mask. She slowly, painfully shakes her head.

  "Only to my fate. Sir. Just please stop." She coughs again. I slowly stop typing on the keys. "Can you please smile for me? I-" She shakes and sobs loudly, "I want to see a friendly face."

 I nod and watch as her vitals drop. She's giving up, I realized. I slowly smile, tears prick at my eyes. I run my fingers through her hair. "Please don't give up," I say softly, "Me and Nala are trying so hard to save you, doesn't that make you feel special? Please don't give up."

  "Sir," She whispers, "I gave up a long time ago." She whispered softly before losing consciousness again.  

"Hurry up Nala!!" I shout and I return to the keys of my job. Her vitals are weak, but still there. She might have gave up, but I won't!

A few weeks later.......

   I step into the small white room. The lights flash on the breathing equipment. I walk to the pod. The small figure inside is sleeping now. They say today is the day. Do or die. I carefully set my hand on the glass front. In between my outstretched fingers I see the fire victim. Her face is clean and her burns are healed by the combined efforts of the  healing pod and the nanobots. "Wake up," I whisper. "You're young," She is only 25, an orphan, her parents were killed by a wild band of utahraptors, as her health history has told. No wonder she gave up. She has no one. "You have so much to live for, just--" A loud knock sounds from the other side of the pod. I jump up and look at the girl. She looks tired, but she smiles groggily. I tap a few of the keys and the door slides open.

  "You're lucky." That's the first thing she says. I'm checking her vitals when she says that.

"Oh? I could be saying the same to you." I sit down next to her. "So tell me. Why am I lucky?"

  "The only reason I'm here is because there was something in that smile and I want to know who the man was behind it." She says.
something in your smile
One of the newest stories on my blog.

Awkward link to
Okay, So I'm looking for Male Voice actors to help me weekly with my story reading. Most of my Friday stories are going to be original pieces written by me. Just to make it easier all around. ^_^ (Unless someone asks for a certain story)

If you know any body who would be interested have them contact me via note on Deviant art or Gmail (  Thank you!!


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